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Rachael Hope
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The first headline I saw was on the front page of CNN.

Man arrested for raping a woman on a SEPTA train while other riders failed to intervene, authorities say

Wait…. what? I read the article once. I read it again. I googled it and found more headlines:

A woman…

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Online dating isn’t all bad. After all, I met my partner through a Craigslist Ad, and he’s amazing. I’ve met some great people through apps like OK Cupid and Tinder. Some days, it’s fun and flirty and fruitful. Today is not one of those days.

The Setup

Last night, I log in…

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In Bellingham, Washington, we have one hospital. PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center is the only hospital, and the only ER, within a 35 minute drive of downtown. PeaceHealth also runs over a dozen other medical facilities in my town, including a Cancer Care center, clinics, OBGYN and more.

At the…

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I dream of a day when I will no longer need to write about why using fat suits is insulting, unnecessary, and lazy. Unfortunately, today is not that day, because here we are again. …

Image purchased from Body Liberation Stock

As I’ve gotten more and more entrenched in the worlds of true body liberation and fat acceptance, the pervasiveness of diet culture has been overwhelming. A few years ago, I probably would have thought diet culture was mostly just companies like Jenny Craig and the way that new scientifically proven…

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I’ve been binge listening to Emma Austin’s podcast, Pillow Talk. It’s so relatable and it feels like hanging out with the best kinds of friends. Not only is it super sexy, but it makes me laugh, and it makes me think. …

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Some women call their stretchmarks tiger stripes, proud of the work they’ve been through, the way their bodies roared and morphed to create them. People covet their scars as reminders of the things they’ve experienced, traumas and triumphs. And from my first scene, I relished being marked.

Bruises bloom under…

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The articles began to appear immediately after Sports Illustrated put on their annual swimsuit issue runway show, which took place the weekend of July 10.

‘Inclusive’ Sports Illustrated Swimsuit show features plus-sized models

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit show celebrates body diversity on Miami runway

Sports Illustrated kicks off swimsuit issue with…

Photo by Felix Rostig on Unsplash

When I began exploring polyamory, I definitely did not expect the amount of terminology I’ve had to learn. Five years in, I drop words like metamour, compersion, and polyfidelity without thinking, and when I’m leading discussion group I always request that people please interrupt me if they need a definition…

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Parenting is difficult at any age, but when you’re parenting small children, the ground feels steadier. Guidelines and lessons are rooted in simple values, and getting back to the basics like kindness, consideration, and safety is pretty easy. No, we don’t hit people. Yes, we should be kind. …

Rachael Hope

Polyamorous, loud laughing unapologetic feminist, rad fatty, and epic sweet tooth.

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