Blindly placing your faith in a country is exactly the kind of patriotism that leads to nationalism and fascist regimes. In my world, people must earn respect, not be given it blindly. There are many reasons to have lost respect for this country’s leadership, policies, and government right now.

I’m not sure how she is acting entitled. Is she not allowed to be happy and proud of her accomplishments? You don’t like that she is colorful and outspoken, but that doesn’t mean she’s acting like she should be given the world without working for what she’s got.

You seem to have a really big chip about Gen Z and Millenials. Saying they don’t care about injustice in other countries is ridiculous. But I think their focus is more on the injustices that are happening in this country every day, and whether all of this damage can be undone.

Rapinoe’s success is not some gift she was given by the United States. She’s a talented player, and if she had been born elsewhere she may have had the same opportunity. Why does she have some big responsibility to be some sort of national figurehead?

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Polyamorous, loud laughing unapologetic feminist, rad fatty, and epic sweet tooth.

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