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  • Masen Smith

    Masen Smith

    A traveling anthropologist from Alaska. Here you will find pieces on culture, economics, philosophy, and life.

  • Crystal Jackson

    Crystal Jackson

    Former therapist. Author, Heart of Madison series. Poet. www.crystaljacksonwriter.com https://subscribe.to/crystaljackson https://linktr.ee/crystaljackson

  • Damian Delune

    Damian Delune

    Currently incarcerated. Words are mine, Demeter Delune pens them. I write about what prison is really like and its affect on families

  • North Star

    North Star

    Curiousity flows through my veins, and I must write to share what I discover. Join me for insights about my kinky, polyamorous adventures.

  • Laura Skopec

    Laura Skopec

    Laura Skopec is a writer and comedian whose work has appeared in McSweeney’s and Slackjaw. Her half-hour comedy pilot, “Clown Town,” is in development.

  • Medium Engineering

    Medium Engineering

    We are the @Medium engineering team

  • Jamie Pityinger

    Jamie Pityinger

    I’m a writer/producer with a podcast background in the wellness space. Humor is my staple, but true human understanding is what I live for.

  • Sophie Rose

    Sophie Rose

    My writing is as varied as my life: sex, sobriety, non-monogamy, books, research, relationships, and mental health are my favorite topics.

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