I am a big advocate for self love, both physical and mental. I disagree with the idea that loving your body is a goal that sets us up for failure. Loving your body doesn’t have to mean that you don’t think you have flaws, or that you don’t have bad days. The same way that when you love another human being you don’t like them every moment of every day. I have days where I feel down on myself or dislike the way my body looks or feels. There are specific parts of my body I like less than others. But I still love my body. I love that it is my home. I love that it lets me physically connect with people. I love that it lets me feel touch and pleasure.

Accepting your body is something to be proud of. For me, accepting it was part of falling in love. I don’t love my body because it’s the BEST body or because it’s a BETTER body than someone else’s. I love it because it is my body, and I love myself.

I don’t think I ever said that everyone should go out in something they don’t want to wear. Of course everyone should wear what they feel comfortable in. I would never be caught dead wearing sweatpants in public and that has nothing to do with my weight. I just don’t think they’re attractive or meant to go out in.

Thank you for reading and for the thoughtful response!

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Polyamorous, loud laughing unapologetic feminist, rad fatty, and epic sweet tooth.

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