I disagree. I think there are a lot of healthy ways to use social media, we just need to be intentional about it and make decisions about how we are using it. For me, and many people I know, Facebook and social media are great ways to connect with people we just can’t see.

Whether it’s time constraints, distance, or our introversion coming into play, it provides an outlet. I keep my friends list down and use it to connect with people I have real bonds with, who I love. I get to stay in touch with people who don’t live near me, whether they are family or friends or people I’ve met at writers retreats who touched my heart.

I can use groups to connect with people in my local poly and writers communities that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I have a couple of small groups of close-knit friends there who have quite literally saved me when I’ve been in the hardest times of my life.

Maybe we don’t “need” social media. We don’t “need” movies or TV or books or baked goods or coffee or cars. That doesn’t mean those things don’t add positive value to our lives.

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Polyamorous, loud laughing unapologetic feminist, rad fatty, and epic sweet tooth.

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