I think it’s made clear in the article, and in my other comments on it, that I am not talking about civil claims or regulatory agencies. I’m talking about human beings holding other human beings accountable for their behavior and for the way they choose to try and support or dismantle harmful things that are occuring. In this case, rape culture.

The question of whether it harms the other employees is not beside the point. I believe in questioning where my beliefs are coming from, and why my reactions are what they are.

As I said in the article, I’m not talking about “FB rumors.” There was a police report filed by one of the victims, and I talked to her directly during the course of this experience.

Background checks show different things depending on what company you use and what options you pay for. I have run background checks for new employees and different companies I’ve worked at have looked into people on different levels.

Permit you to “frame this properly?” So, you have read my article about how I felt during a specific incident and decided to explain it better to me? No thanks.

This isn’t about pre-employment screening. This isn’t about any of what you said. It’s about victim-blaming and believing people when they say they have been sexually assaulted. The reality is that the rates of false accusation are so low they’re not worth considering.

The real question is why is our default to believe rapists over victims? Why do we give the benefit of the doubt to the one being accused rather than to the one who has been violated and traumatized?

I have written about my feelings and thoughts on one specific occasion, and I don’t think that all of the questions you posed are relevant to this particular piece. Sure, a lot of them are good things to think about, but they’re not what I’m talking about.

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Polyamorous, loud laughing unapologetic feminist, rad fatty, and epic sweet tooth.

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