Reproductive rights cannot be based on definitions about “when life begins.” Calling a fetus a person is an opinion. There is no scientific definition for when life begins. Late term abortions (after 21–24 weeks) only make up for 1.3% of abortions in the U.S., and are almost always heartbreaking choices for the mother. The co-ordinated brain activity required for consciousness does not occur until 24–25 weeks of pregnancy.

Is it possible to remove a fetus younger than 24 weeks and keep it alive? Very rarely. It might be easier in the future. Should someone get to make that choice FOR a woman, and force her to carry it? Absolutely not.

A clump of cells is not a baby, and a heartbeat doesn’t make a person. We unplug people all the time who have a heartbeat but no high brain activity. It’s legal to do so. Why should a zygote or fetus be given more rights than that? Just because the heart is pumping does NOT mean there is brain activity, it’s an automated process to move blood through the developing cell clump to help it form the organs etc.

If YOU feel that you have an ethical obligation to a fetus that you help create, that is your choice. But you should not be allowed to inflict your beliefs, feelings, and choices on someone else. You are also not allowed to decide when someone “needs” an abortion. Calling it murder is getting into real Minority Report territory.

Equating a decision being made about a potential child would ideally be a discussion between a man and a woman that happens BEFORE sexual activity. You talk about STI status, you should talk about what if a fertilization occurs and both be on the same page before that sperm gets anywhere near that egg.

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