There’s a difference between having health risks and having actual health problems. Plenty of obese people are legit healthy. You can’t tell whether someone is healthy just by looking at them. Do you think that fat people don’t already know they are fat, and the health risks that go with it? Of course we do. The idea that we need skinny people to “care” about our health and remind us that we aren’t acceptable is ridiculous.

You can also search Google and find articles about situations in which obese or overweight people have lower health risks than their thinner counterparts, but somehow I don’t ever see people writing articles about how wrong it is to be skinny.

Blaming the entire healthcare budget on fat folks is ridiculous. Are you also against driving in cars? That has risk. Are you against going to the gym? You can get seriously hurt on some of that equipment. We all do risky things every single day, but for some reason people feel that it’s acceptable to single out overweight people and the risks they live with.

No one in the fat positive movement is glorifying obesity. That’s a ridiculous statement. We are simply saying that fat people deserve to be treated like… well, people.

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Polyamorous, loud laughing unapologetic feminist, rad fatty, and epic sweet tooth.

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