These articles don’t confirm your comments. In fact, if you read them fully, the first one states:

But isn’t that another way to say they might be more aware of a bad relationship? Isn’t that a good thing?

Indeed, while the data presented in The Marriage Project’s 418-person study is legitimate, experts say that the conclusions drawn from it — especially those which cast judgement on one’s sexual history and incite sentiments of slut-shaming — may not be entirely accurate.

Researchers in this field, who were not involved with this particular study, told The Huffington Post that these findings should be taken with a grain of salt.

“There are a wide variety of reasons that may lead people to have multiple partners before marriage and, independent of how many partners they have, also be less satisfied in marriage,” Dr. Jim McNulty, a social psychology professor from Florida State University who has published a plethora of research on the topic, wrote in an email.

“For example, people who tend to avoid commitment in general may have more sexual partners and be less happy when they settle down. It’s not the fact that they have more sexual partners that leads them to be less happy, it’s the fact that they don’t really like commitment. I would be very surprised if having multiple sexual partners before marriage, independent of any other factor, has a direct causal influence.”

In other words, correlation should never be confused with causation.

Meaning that yes, the study found that, but there are more factors to consider about what it actually means that someone said they were “unsatisfied.” There’s not any cause and effect, it’s a connection of sorts, but the results in no way prove that having more partners causes dissatisfaction or why.

The second article you’re citing is from a website that rates thusly;

Overall, we rate the Institute for Family Studies (IFS) right biased based on story selection that favors conservative causes and Mixed for factual reporting based on the endorsement of poor science.

I’m not going to take anything posted on a conservative think-tank as “scientific proof” of anything. It’s not an unbiased source.

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