Yes, a police report was filed. No, there was not an arrest or conviction. Not having a conviction in a rape case doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. The rates of conviction are exceedingly low, mostly because despite the fact that false accusations are very, very rare, we somehow default to believing the accused over the victim. Oh right, that’s because of the rape culture we live in.

Even if the police hadn’t been called, do you know how under-reported rape is? Saying “well, if you didn’t report it, it doesn’t count” is a huge pile of steaming crap. It ignores the cultural and psychological consequences of sexual violence.

I believe that as a business who sends their contractors to people’s home addresses, even a police report accusation of rape actually could be reasonable grounds for termination of the contract. It’s too much risk for that business to incur. Beyond that, if he was a 1099 employee, they may not have even HAD a contract with him, so there’s no grounds for him to sue over getting terminated.

Also, as I mentioned in the article and several of my comments, Washington is an at-will employment state and businesses can let someone go for whatever reason whenever, as long as it’s not a protected class, which this isn’t. So that’s a non-issue. No wrongful termination.

This is a local company that only operates in this small, liberal town that I live in. They lost a ton of business through this situation. Doing nothing was going to do a lot more damage to their reputation than doing the right thing.

I already admitted in the article that it’s a no-win situation. People get hurt either way. So, they might as well get hurt because someone did the right thing instead of because someone did the wrong thing.

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